Hassle-Free Travel With Inka Express Professional Bus Line

  • about inka bus

    Allowing travelers to discover, have fun and peace of mind since 1999

  • Each day, Inka Express Bus helps over 200 travelers arrive where they need to be either at Cusco City or Puno City. Our passengers choose us for different reasons: a vacation tour, an efficient fun commute to Cusco or Puno, a visit/explore new Inca sites, or an easy ride to the airport or a transfer to Sacred Valley. But each of our riders share a common travel experience of comfort and convenience, without the stress of Peru’s informal taxis or inadequate transportation services.

    With high standards set and maintained and the dedication of more than 20 team members, Inka Express Bus offers daily bus service from Cusco City Area and Puno. Our service destinations include Cusco’s Velasco Astete Airport, Poroy & Wanchaq train Station as well Sacred Valley. We operate motor coaches, SUV’s and Mini Vans to serve more than hundreds of thousands of travelers each year.