Cusco to Puno Affordable Tour Bus

Inka Express offers a secure, memorable distinct tour bus services from Cusco There are 3 other options that look, sound and try to be competitive, but when buying your bus ride you’ve to acquire one from a trustworthy company with a solid safety record and experience like Inka Express.

Vehicles are much like any other machines that are bound to break down when not correctly maintained. All Inka Express buses go through servicing routinely irrespective of their schedule.

About sixteen years ago, Inka Express launched a tourist Cusco Puno service as an alternative to a boring 10 hour train ride run by PeruRail, our bus service offered some pretty spiffy amenities with 6 stops along the Route of The Sun (Ruta del Sol), tickets starting at $45, ample leg room, oxygen on board, an electrical outlet at pretty much every seat and free wi-fi. Besides shuttling Machu Picchu visitors to Lake Titicaca and La Paz, Bolivia, Inka Express – which has expanded with service to Arequipa, Nazca and Paracas – is just the kind of inexpensive VIP but-cool transportation option that could help Peru’s southern route corridor grow and compete. So how does it deliver on its promises for travelers and tourist commuters?

We’ve got buses which have an enormous carrying capacity as a end result permitting all of our travelers and tourists ride comfortably inside. Any time you are looking to use a tour bus in southern Peru, it really is possible to speak to our consumer service personnel for guidance around the numerous vehicles you can use. Any time you intend to shock one of your pals on a dream vacation, enjoy Andean views or explore local life style, go for our services and we’ll make it simpler to make it to any of your destinations in every step you take. Our tour buses are driven by professional licensed chauffeurs. This ensures you of professional services and promptness in relation to time. Time is quite valuable and unaffordable. After misplaced, it can never ever be recovered.

The number of many years we’ve inside of the business enables you to turn out to be in capable hands every time you choose to make use of Inka Express transportation services. Amongst the occasions that we have received supplied tour bus services are private family occasions, group tours, college group ride, corporate events, birthday, and sporting events. Irrespective of the occasion you are planning to attend, our bus services will assure VIP service.

All of the tour bus you see in our fleet possess the newest attributes of entertainment and comfort completely fitted. As soon as you are looking for the best tour bus service provider, look no further and rich-out to Inka Express, we know our industry and we offer the best service by understanding every aspect of your travel needs.

Each of our (Route of The Sun) bus tours is packed with all of the sights (six stops) you came expecting to see, and laced with Incan history, humor, and surprises. In fact, the Andean scenery or the local villagers you see, meet and learn that you didn’t expect might be what you’ll remember the most. Whether you’ve chosen Cusco city or Machu Picchu as your holiday destination city, as a stop-over on your way to somewhere else, or you’re here on business, you’re going to love the time you spend with us!

Our bestselling Route of The Sun Incan Sights and Heights bus tour is 10 hours long and packed with Route of The Sun’s best sights, plus 6 stops along the way. Explore the enjoy from top to bottom. Your tour price includes an Andean buffet lunch rated the best.

We’re so confident you’ll have an unparalled bus tour experience with Inka Express!