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Inka Express Tourist Bus Service

Celebrating 19 years of Inka Express

transporting passengers between Cusco and Puno by VIP tourist bus Service.
On December 1st, 2018, we celebrated the 19th anniversary of the regular bus line between Cusco and Puno.

The bus lines between these two important southern Peruvian cities connect Machu Picchu with Lake Titicaca’s folkloric cultural capital, Puno.
The Cusco to Puno Bus Tour is a comprehensive guided tour that combines a bus tour and short walks through Inca monuments like Andahuaylillas, Raqchi, Pukara, and landmarks along the “The Sun Route”.

All Cusco-Puno bus tours are accompanied by live tour guides for an ultimate “Route of the Sun” experience.

If you need more information about our services or tours around please contact with Inka Express Customer Services

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The Inka Express Bus Experience

Inka Express has more than 19 years of experience providing safe, reliable and comfortable Cusco to Puno and Puno to Cusco bus services, and assuring a fun ride along the Sun Route.

We have a professional team highly qualified in tourist; Inka Express with over 19 years of experience guarantees an excellent service, to offer an unforgettable experience and comfortable trip.

Inka Express is one of the highest-rated bus tour companies in Peru.
Like most overnight success stories, we put in years of hard work, spent countless hours researching how other companies operated their Cusco – Puno bus tours, and offered a product that was so much better than the competitors’ that we won many awards for excellence.
In addition to offering the best and highest-rated Cusco-Puno bus tours in our industry, we also offer outstanding customer service and an unparalleled experience.

inka express awardsInka Express Bus is a full service charter bus and coach transportation specialists based in the Cusco-Puno area. With vehicles ranging from Oxygenated VIP coaches to mini-buses, executive vans and SUV’s, we offer our customers the ultimate in choices for their travel requirements.

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Get on the Bus

When you want to go places but you don’t want to get bored or spend money on the ride.
Inka Express offers daily bus service from Cusco and Puno, as well as traditionals tours in Cusco.
Traveling by bus to Puno with Inka Express Bus is a convenient, comfortable alternative to riding a boring train or airplane. Our riders travel to get the most and best of their vacation. Tickets can be purchased online in advance of your trip (recommended), or at one of our locations

Ruta del Sol

The Cusco to Puno “Route of the Sun” offers old fashion Andean countryside, scenery and Incan ruins. This is by far the most popular and a fun way to ride a bus from Cusco to Puno or Puno to Cusco.
The Route of the Sun’s charm is magical and captivating, with several stops along the way, visiting churches, museums and Incan ruins.
Inka Express  can take you where no train or tour buses can go!