Puno to Cusco Bus

from: $50 USD
Child (0-6) $35 USD

4 touristic guided stops & buffet lunch included

Service onboard


The Puno to Cusco touristic bus route with Inka Express, also known as the ‘Route of the Sun’, is one of Peru’s most beautiful journeys.

The scenic trip through the Andean countryside includes 4 guided tour stops at unique sites such as at one of the Inca’s biggest surviving structures and at the Sistine Chapel of America. The stops are full of history, culture and charming communities that still maintain ancient traditions, allowing you to catch a glimpse of how life was before.

With over 24 years of providing quality service, we are the OFFICIAL Ruta del Sol bus operator. Our modern, luxury buses depart daily and include service on board. Read below for the full itinerary and all that’s included on this tour!

Detailed itinerary

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Departure from Puno bus terminal.

Pucará was the first regional population nucleus in the Titicaca basin north of the lake during the Late Formative Period (500 BC-200 AD), which provides valuable information about the origins of the Andean civilization in the highlands. During its heyday, it covered more than a square kilometer and housed thousands of bureaucrats, priests, artisans, farmers, shepherds, and possibly warriors.

The Pucará style is identified by impressive monolithic sculptures with a variety of geometric, zoomorphic, and more intricate anthropomorphic images, and multi-colored ceramics in a variety of ritual and domestic forms.

Pucara Museum

We stop at Abra La Raya (La Raya), the watershed which splits the regions of Puno and Cusco, right at the border of both. We’ll enjoy an amazing view of of regions and the Andes mountains that surround us.

Abra La Raya

Sicuani is a relatively large city of the highlands. The city is an important intersection, with the road to Puno / Arequipa passing through here. This city is surrounded by beautiful snowy hills. Afterward, you have a buffet lunch in our exclusive restaurant with a family atmosphere.

We arrive in Raqchi, an archaeological site with a myriad of Inca ruins and ranked as one of the “Best Tourism Villages”.

Here we’ll visit the Inca Temple of Wiracocha, the most important structure in the Raqchi complex and one of the biggest surviving Incan constructions. According to ancient writings, the temple was built by an Inca emperor in honor of the invisible Superior God of the Andean people.

The impressive 15 meter high walls combined with the remaining ruins and deep history/culture make for a unique visit.

Raqchi Complex - Puno to Cusco

Our first visit – the beautiful Church of Saint Peter the Apostle in Andahuaylillas, also known as the “Sistine Chapel of America”. Built by the Jesuits in the 16th century, and like many other Spanish and religious constructions of the time, it was built atop a sacred Inca site.

A unique and small church, made of adobe and brick which looks simple on the outside but with a jaw-dropping interior full of gold, paintings, and more astonishing decorations.

Sistine Chapel of America - Puno to Cusco

Arrive in bus terminal Cusco

What's included

We provide everything you need for a stress-free journey from Cusco to Puno

  • Private, luxury transport to Cusco
  • Guided visit to Andahuaylillas, Raqchi, La Raya and the Lithic Museum of Pucará
  • Buffet Lunch in Marangani – Sicuani
  • Service on board (Hot Drinks: Tea, coffee, coca tea, chamomile, anise / Cold Drinks: Coca Cola, Inca and mineral water)
  • Clean bathroom onboard
  • Heating & A/C
  • Oxygen tank

Not included

  • Entrance tickets for Andahuaylillas, Raqchi Complex, and Pucara Museum – 53.00 soles or $15.00 USD (you can add this as an extra while booking your tour)
  • Breakfast

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Puno to Cusco Bus

from: $50 USD
Child (0-6) $35 USD

4 touristic guided stops & buffet lunch included

Service onboard


Departs Puno at 06:40 am


Arrives Cusco at 5:00 pm